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OCZ EL DDR PC-3200 Dual Channel Gold VX

OCZ EL DDR PC-3200 Dual Channel Gold VX Article Author : Ian
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Its not everyday you change your ram, but with the increase in game performance you need to, OCZ Technology are proud to announce their Voltage Extreme series. you might have some of there ram in your hotted up machine but have you over clocked it? Well today were going to show you not only how well it performs in Real Time environments but also when run at a over clocked speed, thanks to OCZ they sent us a DDR Booster to totally beefy this beastly ram out. Though currently I am unable to use the DDR Booster as My Motherboard is not listed in the compatibility chart, if you do buy a DDR Booster make sure, 100% sure that it will work correctly, the easiest way is to read the comparison chart.

OCZ are not only RAM manufactures but they mostly specialise in over clock ability but performance too, cause they know you want to void your warranty! OCZ are also well know for their beautiful power supplies, but when competing with other top companies like Corsair its hard to keep on top of Just RAM let alone Power Supplies as well. But not only do they do that but they do it in style.


Well it all starts with the presentation, nobody wants their new ram to be crushed by a Elephant or dropped off a 10 store high building, now do they? That's why you send it with insurance! but you can't just expect them to have one person drive their car and deliver it to you, so you wrap it up with shrink wrap, or as what some people like to call it bubble wrap, you also get 1 hour free entertainment for anyone!

The DDR Booster is all neat looking, in cased in a box, which is also in cased in a box, inside the box holding the Booster is foam Yep Soft cloth like foam, included is the Boost itself and a Manual and The Special Power Connector, I will say this cause its very true, Please READ the compatibility Page located on the Website.
Its not wise to run it as there is very know conflicts with the A7N8X Motherboard which could cause Damage, to the power circuit of the motherboard.

What you get

Ram and a DDR Booster isn't a show pony but it does look pretty nice, the ram Gold Heat spreader allows cooling of the ram and also good looks. The DDR Booster on the other hand has a nice little LED Display some of the older versions have different colours. The Sink are placed nicely on the Voltage Editor to keep it cool, as you may know it does get quite hot when changing voltages. I might also say this now, AMD have said not to pass the 2.65v on your VDIMM as it may wear out your Athlon 64 Chip due to onboard Northbridge / memory interface.

The OCZ EL DDR PC-3200 Dual Channel Gold VX Specs:
> 400mhz (200 Bus) At DDR(Double Data Rate)
> CL 2-3-3-8 @ 2.6 Volts
> CL 2-2-2-8 @ 3.2 Volts (Not recommend for AMD 64 machines Socket 939)
> Twin 512mb Sticks
> Unbuffered
> Gold Mirrored Copper Heat spreaders
> Lifetime Warranty
> 3.2 Volts
> 184 Pin DDR Module
> Optimised for AMD 64 Machines
> EVP Technology
> ULN2 Technology

Special Features:
> OCZ EVP® (Extended Voltage Protection) is a feature that allows performance enthusiasts to use a VDIMM of 3.5V ± 5% without invalidating their OCZ Lifetime Warranty.
> ULN (Ultra Low Noise) technology uses various printed circuit board (PCB) techniques to reduce the amount of electrical noise that is present in all high-speed ICs. This results in faster and more stable memory.

OCZ Gold PC-3200 VX is not recommended for use on legacy NForce 2 platforms.

DDR Booster Specs:
> Patented Power Clean Technology™ allows for better power filtering
> Fully adjustable VDIMM control up to 3.9V*
> Digital LED VDIMM readout updates three times per second
> Compatible with most DDRI motherboards (Please check the Compatibility)
> Easy to install, easy to use
> Powered by computer power supply
> Fits in 184 Pin DIMM slot

*Certain chipsets/motherboards may allow lower or higher voltage.


The opposition this time around is 1 Stick of Mushkins PC-3200 Level II Version 2 CAS 2 with very tight timings of 2-2-2-6. Although that is only at the standard non over clocked state.


The Test Computer

A AMD Athlon 64 Socket 939 3000+
Gigabyte K8N Ultra SLi
OCZ EL DDR PC-3200 Dual Channel Gold VX
Mushkin PC-3200 Level II Version 2 CAS 2
Gigabyte ATi X600PRO 128mb
Single IDE 20gb 5400rpm Hard Drive
Standard 450w Power Supply.


Well most people know how to install ram so there's not much point covering that, but as for the DDR Booster.

> Use the Special Power cable to insert between the 20 Pin ATX power connectors on the motherboard.
> Plug the DDR Booster into the Spare DIMM spot which can properly house the Boost without being connected to the Ram Modules.
> The Cables from the ATX Adapter into the DDR Booster making sure the Blue is in the Blue and the green is in the Green plugs.
> Make sure the Dial it turned full down.
> Run Machine if the voltage display is different to the one shown then use a screw driver to adjust the display.

Over clocking you say?

3-3-3-8 200mhz 205mhz 210mhz 215mhz 220mhz 223mhz 225mhz 228mhz
2.6 volts Stable Stable Stable Stable Stable unstable unstable unstable
2.7 volts Stable Stable Stable Stable Stable Stable Stable unstable
2.8 volts Stable Stable Stable Stable Stable Stable Stable Stable

3-4-4-9 225mhz 228mhz 230mhz
2.6 volts Stable unstable unstable
2.7 volts Stable Stable unstable
2.8 volts Stable Stable Stable

As you can see the Ram easily gets stopped by the low voltages. If I were to be able to raise the voltage to even 3.2 we could see some 240-250mhz coming along. But if you still want to withstand the Mushkin's real tight timings of 2-2-2-6, these modules can do 2.5-3-3-8 at only 2.8 volts now that's pretty dam tight. When OCZ releases compatibility to my motherboard I will see just how fast and far this ram goes!


The tests were taken out on the above machine. The conditions were the same, due to I tested at the same time.


Well we already know the OCZ performs very well in real-time benchmarks, such as 3D Mark 05, and when playing games, 1024mb of ram linked in dual channel mode, doubling the transfer speed. These modules are paired to the limit, They over clock very well even for the low voltages. It would be easy to see these modules do 2-2-2-8 and maybe even 2-2-2-7, but a single stick still wouldn't be able to beat the Mushkin's ultra tight 2-2-2-6, the main reason is, because of the price if you were to buy the twin Mushkins that would certainly get you. This ram has great ability to do most things, It runs well on the Athlon 64's with no errors. These Modules receive My Special Award, "100% Pure Beefiness".

> Gold Plated Heat Spreader
> Copper Heat spreader
> Extreme Voltage conditions
> Dual Channel (Double Speed)
> 2-3-3-8 Timings
> Super easy to over clock
> Value 4 performance money
> Sick Warranty, that I still haven't managed to void

> Pretty lose timings for 400mhz
> The slower speed may affect CPU performance when in game play

I enjoyed over clocking these modules, maybe even more then you will. Just a handy hint if your not sure what to do with a Athlon 64, The CPU Freq is similar to the FSB, you raise that you raise your CPU's Clock and your Rams clock. Use the CPU Multipliers to drop Clock instead of fully over clocking your whole setup.



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