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How to use Windows Installer and execute the application using IIS

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Hello Community

I have an ASP.Net application that uses C# and SqlServer running on
Server 2003. I have IIS installed on my machine. I downloaded Windows
Installer 3.1 and created a Web Setup Project. I created the Primary Output
and the Content files but when I right click the Web Setup Project and click
"Properties" I get "Property Pages" instead of "properties". Also I don't
see any "msi" file that got created after creating the Web Setup Project. I
never got the option to create debug or release mode neither so those folders
are empty just as the bin folder is empty.

I am under the impression that the Windows installer will create a file
and that I can copy that file to a virtual directory, then the path to that
virtual directory can be used as a url for the user to run the application

So my questions are:

-Why did I get "property pages" instead of "properties " dialogue box after
running Windows Installer and if I need the "properties" dialog box what do
I have to do to make it appear?

-What point does the "msi" file get created and what directory will it be
created in
and what do I do with the "msi" file after Windows Installer creates it?

-Do I need to create debug or release mode and does anything go in the bin

-After all of this is done, do I create another virtual directory and what
will the url
look like?


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