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selecting a pallete of unique colors

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"Twayne" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in message
news:i2nilr$bgg$(E-Mail Removed)
> In news:Xns9DBDB585A6D9E6650A1FC0D7811DDBC81@81.169.1 83.62,
> Rahul <(E-Mail Removed)> typed:
>> This is more of a design and perception question so not
>> sure what's a good group to post it on. I'm trying to
>> generate a automated php status page for user-jobs running
>> on our server-farm. Like so:
>> Each server name (eu001-eu261) is associated with exactly
>> one jobnumber. But some jobs can run across many servers.
>> i.e. number of jobs < number of servers. Many jobs use
>> multiple servers.
>> I tried loading a sample of HEX color values but many send
>> up being so close to each other that often it gives an
>> effect where servers seem to have the same color when, in
>> fact, they have a different job that just randomly got
>> assigned a similar color.
>> Is there a way to get a pallate of 50 or so fairly unique
>> (to perception) colors?

> I'm not sure why you want so many colors, but for consistancy you should
> stick to browser-safe colors so that they won't show differently from
> machine to machine for one color.

That was not the reason for browser safe colours. Nothing to do with it in

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Jeff North <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in
news:(E-Mail Removed):

> In the image (denis_server_farm) point out the corresponding jobs for
> server 10,30 and 40. It is difficult to do. If a server can run more
> than one job, how are you going to display it in the example that you
> have given?

Thanks Jeff! All very valid points. I guess I've a problem far tougher
than my ability to code it in php.

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