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map as member variable of a class

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Hi all,
I have the class declaration as follows:

class MyClass {
map<string, string> account;

The main program uses the class as follows:

MyClass customer;
string acc = "abc", ort = "xyz";
customer.account[acc] = ort;

In VC++6, the compilation succeeded, but debug causes the error when
running the last instruction ("customer.account[acc] = ort;"):

Unhandled exception in customer.exe (MSVCRTD.DLL): 0xC0000005: Access

What should be done to avoid this? Many thanks in advance!


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On Jul 22, 4:55*pm, wang <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote:

> What should be done to avoid this? Many thanks in advance!

Upgrade to a newer compiler / stop living in the past...
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On 23 Jul., 01:29, Christian Hackl <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote:

> There is nothing wrong with your code. If you really need VC6 to get it
> right then you should probably ask in a Microsoft newsgroup.

Thank you, Christian! I've written a simple console test program,
which runs really well. In my program which throws the exception, the
class is defined in a .DLL. In the console test program, all are in
one file. Maybe this is the reason.
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On 24 Jul., 02:23, Stuart Golodetz
<(E-Mail Removed)> wrote:
> I seem to remember encountering this problem in the past. Here are a few
> relevant links to things which look like it:
> Off the top of my head, try using the multithreaded DLL versions of the
> runtime library for both your .dll and your .exe.

Thank you, Stuart! On the page of the first link you indicated above,
I found already a solution: accessor method instead of direct

Now another question: besides accessing the container via a key (which
be easily realized by accessor method), I'd like
to iterate through the whole container, and the container might be
complicated, i.e. a component of the container is itself a container,
e.g. nested container as map< string, map< string, vector
<class_object> > > .
How can such operation (iteration) be realized by means of an accessor


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