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Re: Best way to do multiple NAT statements on ASA

Igor Mamuzić aka Pseto
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On 25.6.2010. 23:09, Andrew Hodgson wrote:
> Hi,
> I have 3 DMZs and an inside network.
> Inside network is, DMZ1 is, DMZ2 is
> 3.0/24, and DMZ 3 is 4.0/24.
> I want all networks to be able to talk to each other without NAT
> (there will be ACLs however).

The best way is to use no nat-control command, so that firewall doesn't
require NAT between network segments. However, if you need to use NAT
from your LAN to the Internet for example then you must (despite 'no
nat-control') apply NAT /identity NAT / NAT exception rule to that
traffic going to any lower security level interfaces.
So, in your case it's best to use nat 0 (nat exception) for traffic
flowing between your network segments. I think that you even can try to
use same security level for all DMZs to avoid need for NAT, but I'm not
sure about it, but doing that you loose ASA's ability to filter traffic
without configuring giant access-lists.


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