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Re: Police State run by BP

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On 7/3/2010 2:56 PM Just to please that super-ego, hwf wrote the
following tidbit of information:
> So now BP has the right to have people arrested and searched.
> Welcome to the new BP police state...
> "A photographer taking pictures for these articles, was detained Friday
> while shooting pictures in Texas
> City, Texas.
> The photographer, Lance Rosenfield, said that shortly after arriving in
> town, he was confronted by a BP
> security officer, local police and a man who identified himself as an
> agent of the Department of Homeland
> Security. He was released after the police reviewed the pictures he had
> taken on Friday and recorded his
> date of birth, Social Security number and other personal information.
> The police officer then turned that information over to the BP security
> guard under what he said was
> standard procedure, according to Rosenfield."
> What
> The
> ****!?

I hear BP is going to buy, and you're next on their list.

Just West Of Nowhere
Enjoy Life And Live It To Its Fullest
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