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Logisys Dracula Case

Logisys Dracula Case Article Author : Ian
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Logisys has been producing "pre-modded" cases for quite some time. With every case they produce, they improve greatly: both aesthetically and functionally.


Case Type: Mid-Tower
Color: Silver
Material: All metal construction
Drive Bays: 4x 5.25", 2x 3.5", 4x 3.5“ (Internal)
Expansion Slots: 7
Front Ports: 2x USB2.0, Audio Ports
Power Supply: None
Cooling System: 1x Blue LED Fan (side panel), 1x 120mm Fan in rear
Motherboard Compatibility: ATX, MicroATX, Baby AT, Mini ATX
Dimensions: 8" W x 17.3" H x 19.8" D

Packaging and Contents

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The Dracula case arrived in perfect shape, well wrapped and boxed. The box has quite an eye-catching design, with three screaming Dracula heads. The top and bottom of the case were fitted with soft foam covers, and the whole thing was wrapped in an anti-static bag. The Dracula includes a bag of screws.


The Dracula case design is quite impressive straight out of the box. The door has a mirror finish, with an alien emblem that has hard drive activity LEDS built in. The door on the Dracula is quite impressive, though it’s made of plastic; it provides a mirror finish that reflects the hard drive activity light.

Logisys has given you the opportunity to choose from four colors for your Dracula. They’ve given you the traditionalist black and silver, to the more spirited red and blue.

The side panels are very unique, and quite remarkable. The wing design flows from the front of the case to both sides. There is a unique window on the left side with an included blue LED and an exclusive fan grill. Yet one downfall of the side panel design is there are no incorporated handles, which makes removing the panels quite troublesome, as the side panels are really on tight.

As with most cases, the Dracula has front sound and USB ports. These are hid pleasingly behind a sliding chrome grill that resembles fangs/teeth. Unfortunately, there are no front firewire ports, which may be an issue if you have a digital camcorder or other device, yet there is an optional punch out for the firewire connection.

The interior of the Dracula is a little less innovative as the exterior. To get into the chassis, you need to remove the two thumbscrews securing each side panel of the case. You can remove all four thumbscrews (two for each side) but you really only need access to the left panel and not the right side. Once the left side panel is off, it's a matter of installing the motherboard standoffs into the appropriate form factor holes and then screwing the motherboard down into the case.

The Dracula does not feature a tool less drive rail retention mechanism or even drive rails. This makes installing drives quite troublesome. For 5.25'' device you match the screw hole of the drive with the drive bay holder, making sure it's lined up where you want it, and then start screwing in your screws.

Yet, Logisys has incorporated the option of a 120mm-intake fan. This will provide excellent cooling for your hard drives, though it would have been nice if Logisys has included an intake 120mm fan. In the back of the case you can find a 120mm clear fan. Seeing use of 120mm fans is very uncommon these days, yet very innovative and helpful for cooling. I hope other case manufactures start integrating 120mm fans.

If you want a case that will attract attention right out of the box, then this case is for you. It has a demonic look that would look great in many computer rooms. Even thou it is a pre-mod case, it is original and there are still possibilities for additional mods to personalize it more.

Overall, I think Logisys Dracula is a fairly good buy. It has a few problems, such as no tool-less design and no included power supply, but it screams for attention and it has modding potential.



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