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Re: Magnets on cases?

wisdomkiller & pain
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      06-27-2010 Removed) wrote:

> I stopped by a friends house the other day and he wanted to show me his
> new computer. I was tajen by surprise when I noticed he had a couple of
> refrigerator type magnets on the side of his (apparently steel) case, a
> couple holding notes, I asked him if he thought it was a good idea and
> he said how strong could those magnets be? My question is how storng
> does it take to screw things up? I just had to ask. Thanks.

No danger at all. The metal case is a shield, the case of your harddrive
is a 2nd one - and the distance in between even more so.
It would need a *much* stronger magnetic field like that of a NMR scanner
to really erase data.
Of course, pinning your atm card (with the magnetic stripe) or one of
these outdated floppy disks with a refrigerator magnet, would not be such
a good idea - no shield in between and a much lower distance.
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