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Jtable live updating problem

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Hi all, I'm trying to display a jtable in a pop up Jframe and am running into some problems. What i'am trying to do is as follows:

catch a button action event in the main frame and display a pop up frame with a jtable populated with some data. The problem i have is that the jtable is populated with metadata i receive from a website and if i'm receiving many records, then the jtable is not displayed until all the records(metadata) is received from the website. I would like to change it such that as soon as the button event is detected in the main frame, I display the pop up frame along with the jtable and insert/update rows "as and when i receive the data from the website". In another words, i want to display the table and have the records appearing one at a time rather than displaying the jtable only after i receive all records.Below is how i'm trying to do it (but in vain ):

//add the table to the popup frame when application is started, but don't display the frame `until button action is //detected`

//handle code for button press; display the popup
private void butMetadataActionPerformed(java.awt.event.ActionEvent evt) { 
    //frame.setSize(350, 250);

//retrieve rows data for the table
for(int i=0;i<len;i++){
Object[] data=new Object[4];data=getMetadata();
//get model and insert row

//tried something to notify the view abt change in table data 
((javax.swing.table.DefaultTableModel)tblMetadata.getModel()).fireTableRowsInserted(0, 0);
Have been racking my head to try and figure something out. A sample example would be greatly appreciated.
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