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Re: partial DTD?

David Lang
Posts: n/a
> the problem space in rsyslog is the following
> message processing
> define inputs (includes defining one or more parsers that convert data
> arriving to a standard datastructure,the definition of the parser
> itself is not part of the config file)
> define filters
> * filters can involve
> * * nesting
> * * if-then-else
> * * discard this message (don't waste time having anything else
> process it)
> * * sets of filters/actions that can be specified separately so that
> you can have a complex set and then have other things say if
> <simplecondition> do <complex set> without needing to specify
> <complexset> more than once
> define outputs (or sets of outputs)
> it's the nesting and grouping of things that is complex and makes most
> config languages not really suitable for the task

one more thing that came up

there is a desire from users to do if-then-else constructs

If the message originated from remote hosts,
write it to this and that log file
use the regular local system logic, which is
write everthing to a catchall logfile file,
if it is an emergency,
notify users
if it is mail related,
write it to the mail log

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