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Re: Bluetooth question

Bucky Breeder
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> I have a new computer coming in in the next day or two. I have a
> Logitech Bluetooth keyboard/mouse that will be used with the system. I
> know nothing about Bluetooth but apparently there's a small unit that
> plugs into a USB port to send the signals back and forth to and from the
> keyboard and mouse. I was just looking at a set of Bluetooth enabled
> headphones, and thought it would be nice to have them for using with the
> computer, for listening to music. But it appears there are only the
> headphones in the package, no transmitter. How do I make the computer
> Bluetooth enabled, if I even can, or will the transmitter for the
> keyboard/mouse send a signal to the headphones too? Thanks.

You can simply read the manual and follow the instructions...
"Pairing" is quite easy to do; but like MAYONNAISE, it quite
hard to explain exactly HOW they do it - or WHY, for that matter.
You don't have to understand HOW it works to just do it.



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