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Python subprocess problem

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Apologize if I am in the wrong forum

I believe I am having problems with Python subprocess popen.
I have a python script in which I use subprocess.popen to call a bash script.
The bash script in turn calls an expect script. If I run the bash script directly on the command line, it works.
However, when I run the python program, it fails.
Any help/input is really appreciated.
Here are the 3 scripts.
================================================== ======
Python scriptlet
import subprocess
print '\n===================In'
proc = subprocess.Popen(['./'],
shell=True, executable="/bin/bash",

Shell script invoked by the above Python scriptlet
read pass
echo "In shell script : $pass --------------"
./exp $pass

Expect script invoked by the above shell script
set pass [lindex $argv 0]
set pass [string trim $pass]
puts "====inexp=======$pass================"

spawn mysql -uroot -p
expect password
send "$pass\r"
================================================== ======
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