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RegEx: replace HTML block with specific text inside

Claudio Biagioli
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I have to replace a full HTML block (in this case a <TR>) which must contain
specific word(s).
<td>.... HELLO ....</td>

must be substituted by another fixed string, but all other <tr> shouldn't

I'm using RegEx.Replace but cannot find the correct Regular

Any Idea?


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Well there is nothing like the feeling of creating your own regular expressions, so I would highly encourage it. is a pretty good site for learning how to create them

A while back I had a similiar problem where I needed to strip off "standard" HTML tags that every web page should have, so below is a sample of what I used to strip off the Title tag and everything inbetween. I would imagine that you can replace the (.*) with whatever you need and get it to work for you

(/<title>(.*)<\/title>\r\n/ig, "")

One catch though is that I created this for use in ASP and I've never used regular expressions in .NET (yet), so if you get this to work please let me know

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