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Re: CD not found

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On May 24, 3:34*pm, Jerome Robertson <(E-Mail Removed)>
> I'm trying to burn an ISO image to CD. *I've tried this in three
> computers so far and have gotten same results: *No available disc or no
> target found. *And when I go to My Computer and click on 'Open' I get:
> Please insert a disc into Drive D:.
> And there is a disc in the drive. *A blank CD.
> I am quite at a loss as to why this is happening. *These are brand new
> CDs, just bought them yesterday. *I can put a CD in that has something
> on it, and it runs just fine.

Try another blank or brand of blanks. If all those other cd-dvd
burners can't burn it, then it's down to the
blank. ....................."process of elimination, my dear Watson"
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