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Re: ElementTree write creates large one line XML file ....

Robert Kern
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On 5/27/10 7:52 PM, robert somerville wrote:
> Hi I am using Ubuntu 9.10 and Python 2.6.4 ..
> when I create an ElementTree object and the write it out using:
> xml.etree.ElementTree.write() , I get one single long single line
> files, instead of something that looks reasonable , what gives ??? (and
> is it important ??)

ElementTree writes exactly what you tell it to. In XML, whitespace is
significant. If you want newlines and/or indentation to make it pretty-looking,
then you need to add those to your elements.

Fredrik provides an example function for doing this:

Robert Kern

"I have come to believe that the whole world is an enigma, a harmless enigma
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