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Re: Question about web making

Dan C
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On Fri, 28 May 2010 01:11:58 +0800, Bruno HRUST. wrote:

> "Brian Cryer" <> wrote in message
> news:(E-Mail Removed)...
>> "Bruno HRUST." <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in message
>> news:(E-Mail Removed) ...
>>>I would like to learn how to make a really nice web page, that contains
>>>each article on a separate page, not in form of a scroll. Which group
>>>to visit; can anyone help? Please.

>> If you are after an appropriate newsgroup then try alt.html or
>> alt.www.webmaster.
>> Start by learning the basics of HTML. What you are after isn't
>> difficult. Whilst it might not be the best way to learn, Richard (in
>> his post) does have a good point about starting with notepad.
>>> I did buy some web-building programmes, WS40, Evisoft, SerifPlus, but
>>> the problem is they do not let me use FileZila to post my page where I
>>> want it to be posted; and I do not trust anyones good-natured "must"
>>> preferences. So, I would like to learn these few missing codes by
>>> myself.

>> Presumably each of these generates HTML, in which case its simply a
>> case of copying the HTML to the appropriate folder on the webserver.
>> You don't need to use their own publishing facilities. You should still
>> be able to develop using the tool of your choice and then copy them up
>> to your server using FileZilla if that's your preferred tool. --
>> Brian Cryer

> It is for familiarity reasons; and I am usinf MS FrontPage 2003,

Hahahahahahahaha! <BARF> <GAG>

****in wanker.

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