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can i realize it?

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There are 8 offices plus a front desk (all in the same story). In each
office the person must be able to receive on its own number. Then, we
should be able to make at least 2 calls contemporary, either from 2
different offices, or one office and front desk. Also, when a person
calls, she should be able to dial the party extension before
transferring the call to the front desk.

In summary: min 2 tel # to call out at the same time, 8 to 10
different numbers simply to receive. A fax line at the front desk
would be a plus.

In addition, the offices (at least and front desk should be able to
intercom between each other. The front desk must be able to transfer
calls to the office; the office should be able to re-transfer the call
to the front desk.

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Yes. What you have described sounds like the features of a basic phone

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(25/05/10 18:4, alexd:
> <sarcasm> Yes. What you have described sounds like the features of a
> basic phone system. </sarcasm>

You forgot to add some tags, fixed it for you.

This chap has made the same question in other VoIP groups, it's a troll
looking for somebody to hook in and do the project for him for free.

Some "enthusiasts" are so eager to show off their (minimal) knowledge
that are cobbling away half-truths and total BS, and smartar$es like
this chap try to take advantage of their gullibility.

A perfect match, same same.

Don't get dragged in.
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