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Re: principles of markup languages

Peter Flynn
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Warning: cross-posted to comp.text.xml

transkawa wrote in microsoft.public.xml:
> In article <(E-Mail Removed)>, Removed)
> says...
>> transkawa wrote:
>>> i love xml and its declarative language format. at least I am sure of
>>> that, if of nothing else.
>>> i was thinking of doing some roughing it out with a declarative
>>> programming language like prolog but this threaded commentary at reddit
>>> has put a stop to that:
>>> so, can anyone help me as to materials on how i can learn declarative
>>> language principles => requirements, analysis, design? then, coding
>>> comes in xml.
>>> i really want to immerse myself into xml; i don't want to say exploring
>>> else i'd be accused of presumptiousness. well, i really
>>> would in the future! . my 2 cents.

>> I'm delighted to hear it, but I'm not clear what this has to do with
>> Microsoft.
>> You may want to post this on comp.text.xml or the XML-L mailing list.
>> ///Peter

> there's no activity on comp.text.xml. been watching it for some time.

It comes and goes: some days no posts, other many. This is normal.

> btw, isn't this microsoft.public.xml? i believe i should find an answer
> here; if you do oblige one, of course.

Answers [t]here concentrate on Microsoft software, and on solutions to
problems posted by people constrained to using Microsoft software.

I believe Microsoft is also terminating support for these newsgroups and
moving to what they glibly describe as "forums".

> could you recommend an xml mailing list different from m.p.xml?

m.p.xml isn't a mailing list: it's a Usenet newsgroup. XML-L is aa
mailing list but its traffic is virtually non-existent. Regrettably,
most XML discusion has fragmented badly off newsgroups *and* mailing
lists into forums, bulletin-boards, wikis, and other exclusively
browser-based media. The reasons are unclear, but as the use of XML
widens to include more people with little Internet understanding, my
experience is that they are simply unaware that Usenet and mailing lists
exist, and only look for browser-based solutions.

The problem is thus that there are fewer and fewer authenticatable posts
and more and more places to check out. RSS/Atom feeds help, but they
tend not to present sufficient information to be usable as a substitute
for the kind of in-depth threads that we have been accustomed to on
c.t.x and on some XML mailing lists.

Recommendations for reliable sources to subscribe to are always welcome:
I would be very interested to include them in the FAQ.

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