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LAN channel selection

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I have read a few posts on channel selection issues but none seem to have an answer ro mu prettyy basic question, ie.

I have a Belkin N+ router. I have been changing settings attempting to find those which would be the most suitable for my needs. The last time I had a Belkin tech rep help and he suggested changing the channel to 10. I'm not sure if the channel is the reason but it seems like wireless devices in other rooms are dropping the signal far more now than before (though I don't remember what the previous channel was. In general, is there a preferred channel setting when wifi devices are as much as 2 walled rooms distant?

I would think that higher channels-which I understand to be higher frequencies-would be better for distance but experience doesn't seem to bear this out, any suggestions.

Two related issues. I have tried using repeaters and booster in the past to no avail. Also, this router has a USB input available. I'm not sure what this is used for. Any help greatly appreciated.
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