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Re: Turning off JIT Optimisation

Arne Vajh°j
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On 16-05-2010 13:47, markspace wrote:
> Arne Vajh°j wrote:
>> On 15-05-2010 17:42, markspace wrote:
>>> This is utterly bogus. There's no way any temperature change short of
>>> (perhaps) absolute zero is going to have any effect on the minuscule
>>> charge stored inside a d-ram. No way, no how.


> The Wikipedia cites putting chips in liquid nitrogen, not "in the
> freezer." And if you can do that quickly enough you can just put a logic
> analyzer on the bus and sniff the data directly.
> I can't download the PDF cited. My reader says it's damaged. I still
> think it's hogwash and would require actual physical access to the
> circuit board of a machine. If you're going to transmit keys to the
> client, use a public key. Security through obscurity doesn't work.

There are serious researchers doing research in this
and publicizing papers about it.

How many scientific papers have you written about the

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Arne Vajh°j
Posts: n/a
On 16-05-2010 02:48, Mike Schilling wrote:
> Daniel Pitts wrote:
>> On the other hand, Java provides no way to guarantee that the contents
>> of an array are not swapped to disk, or loaded into a different page
>> in physically memory. There is nothing you can do from Java (short
>> of JNI) to secure that data.

> JNI is insufficient in any virtual memory system (which is to say, almost
> any modern OS), since the same address in virtual memory might correspond to
> many different physical pages and disk blocks over the course of a program's
> execution.

Most of those modern OS'es also have system calls to lock
pages in memory.


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