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EVGA H55 LGA1156 Mainboard

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XBit Labs have a review of the EVGA H55 LGA1156 Mainboard, which is full size and based on the Intel H55 chipset:

Do you know what is peculiar about EVGA mainboards based on Intel H5x series chipsets? There may be different answers but I personally find it strange that there is no H57-based product among them. There is a section called “Intel H57/H55 Series Family” at the EVGA website but it only includes two mainboards based on the H55 Express. That’s odd, isn’t it? In fact, EVGA announced three mainboards, one of which was based on H57, when Intel unveiled its new chipset series. There is still some information you can find about the product with the unassuming name of EVGA H57. It is a full-size mainboard with two PCI Express x16 slots and with a couple of extra controllers, one of which adds PATA and two SATA ports and another, two IEEE1394 (FireWire) ports. That mainboard is almost a copy of the product I am going to talk about in this review, the EVGA H55, except for the differences coming from the use of different chipsets. For example, EVGA H57 has two USB ports more and also has two PCI Express x1 slots.
Read the review here.
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