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Re: CSS for positioning

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"Alfred Molon" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in message
news:(E-Mail Removed) ...
> My site uses tables for layout. I was experimenting yesterday with CSS
> for positioning and ran into problems.
> More specifically I was trying to convert this table-based page:
> (ignore the links which do not work)
> Here is as far as I got:
> There are the following problems:
> 1. The round logo on the top menu bar on the right should be aligned
> vertically with the "Jordan 2009-10 Travelogue" header. No problem with
> a table, but with CSS I had to give the logo an absolute position, which
> is not good design in my opinion. How to position the logo correctly
> without using an absolute position?

Enclose div id="menu2" and the div containing the logo in another div. Then
float menu2 left and float logo right

> 2. The vertical menu bar on the left should have rounded corners. But
> the top and bottom gifs with the rounded corners are now not adjacent
> with the vertical menu bar, no idea why. How to make them adjacent?

you fixed 2 it I see ..

> 3. Then there is the mess with the central part of the page. It should
> appear as shown on first link I posted (the one with the table-based
> layout). What am I doing wrong?

I see absolute positioning there div id="mainbody" .. that is probably
causing your problems there? this might mean that all divs inside this div
have absolute positioning unless explicitly defined. .. .. (I'm not hundred
percent sure on this)

> 4. One more question: does it really make sense to convert a table-based
> layout of a thumbnail page like this for instance
> to a CSS-based layout?

Looks good and behaves well as it is! ... , but maybe you would like the
images to float left into a slim column for mobile devices with limited
width?? ( I might).


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