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Re: HELP: Long time loading

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On May 5, 1:26*pm, "(E-Mail Removed)" <(E-Mail Removed)>
> Why does my page such a long
> time to load? To try to cure it I took the player thingies off of the
> main page and placed them into a frame thinking, at least the main
> page will load and can show a warning about the long loading tme of
> the frame. But instead the whole page still takes ages to load. Why?
> How can I fix it?

The good news is that it must have taken less than a second for me to
connect. The bad news is that I connected to a message that the server
could not find your page. Perhaps this problem will be resolved soon.
I usually find server side scripting, such as php, most useful for
music and video when there are many selections. When you first connect
to the server, you just get a list of songs to select. Such a page is
extremely fast loading. When you make a selection using an image map,
radio buttons, check boxes, or whatever, that information is sent to
the server which then rapidly writes and downloads a page written for
your selection. If you want to see an exceedingly slow loading page,
just make one with several video selections that are all downloaded
with the page. I often offer a choice of up to 4 audio or video
formats for each media selection. If I could have only one format, I
likely would select modern flv/swf flash for both audio and video,
because more computers now likely have flash installed than any other
media format. Flash audio works quite well without any video content.

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