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Re: WeePee Telecom - Help Please...

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News Reader a écrit :
> "News Reader" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in message
> news:hrpsd1$rp5$(E-Mail Removed)...
>> Hi,
>> Help please.
>> This operator (VoIP + various) seems to be very good.
>> However, it is all in Belgian... can I get any help please... perhaps
>> particularly from Philippe Deleye(?).
>> Anyhow, I think I must have got totally the wrong end of the stick with
>> this provider. Apparently, they provide a free Skype to SIP gateway for
>> their service users. However, I think in fact they must charge a
>> subscription or minimum usage charge... I thought they may be completely
>> free.
>> Also... I am struggling with the language and translation - lol!
>> In short:
>> a) sign up process - think I have completed this... been assigned an
>> account number, SIP proxy details, password, etc.
>> b) web control panel / SIP server log-in - I cannot seem to register the
>> SIP account or log in to the web control panel?
>> Any input, comment or thoughts, etc. would be very kind, helpful and much
>> appreciated.

> Hi,
> Made some progress...
> ... was able to perform remote activation by phoning a Belgian confirmation
> number.
> However, although now activated, and able to access the web control panel
> and log-in to the SIP server, short-cuts or short-dials (used to amongst
> other things, to create memory dials for calling to Skype users) do not
> appear to work! (they are created fine in the control panel however in
> attempting to dial them, they simply do not work - both Skype short dials
> and to other WeePee users / services or numbers).

To be registered you must use the Weepee sipusername looking to this:
32990xxxxxxx. I asked to port my DID to Weepee, but it isn't done at
this moment, so I didn't used it at this moment.
I can't help you for the Skype registration because I don't use it, sorry.
When opening an account you receive 2€ credit wich is enough to test the

> Secondly, the Skype registration process, to interlink to Skype, within the
> general SIP configuration section, is not appearing to come online, perhaps
> anyone can help with this (a Business Account has been created for this
> purpose within the Skype Business Control Panel - however, the account in
> question never appears to come on-line / be registered / logged in, either
> within Skype or the WeePee control panel... does the BCP have to have a
> purchased Skype to SIP port allocation purchased for example?).

If you need more help, you may ask them directly, they are very
or go to this forum where you will find all the help you need, even in
and click on "nieuwonderwerp".

> P.s. I have tried using various translation tools... with limited effect as
> Flemish is not supported by any / many I have found... however, Dutch
> appears to work almost perfectly? Thanks! : - )

Dutch is similar to Flemish, but you must know that everything that is a
bit official, like Weepee's website for instance, is written in standard


(_)/ (_)
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