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Infected with Dsq.exe

Skybuck Flying
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Date of infection: 2 may 2010

It entered my Windows XP X64 Pro Edition SP2 operating system unnoticed.

Last windows update was on 21 march 2010 I think...

Only thing noticed was misbehaving IE8 for some website ?!?.

I shut it down after a few seconds... but apperently to late.

(No firewalls, no virus scanners, no spyware scanners running).

So far the virus/spyware/malware doesn't seem to have done too much damage ?

It only seems to load ads in internet explorer ?!?

It showed up in tasklist... I terminated it.

The file was in C:\Windows\Temp\Dsq.exe according to process explorer.

I deleted it... I hope it's gone now...

Time will tell..

(I will do a windows update shortly )


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Skybuck Flying
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Hmm the situation seems to be a bit worse than I thought...

The virus/malware seems to have copied itself to multiple filenames:


Also different sizes.

I will sort the folder on date and see what files with creation date today 2
may 2010 show up:

Well some more of those...

However this file seems weird too:

sshnas21.dll "application extension".

It's date is the same... I did not install anything... so this could be it's
attack vector...

This website mentions more about it:

It doesn't mention the dll though...

It seems 28 march 2010 so it's pretty new malware...


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Skybuck Flying
Posts: n/a
Hmm it seems I have become lucky...

If I had restarted my computer the virus/trojan would have become active
with nasty consequences...

I had a feeling something like that might happen, so good thing I stayed
cool and first figured out what damage has been done... I don't know exactly
how it came in... but it came in via IE8 that's for sure... so that browser
is ****ing unreliable again ! I already lost one system because of stupid IE
! Fortunately it was pretty much a junk system.. but I did lost somebody
elses source code who was dead that kinda sux...

Microsoft now officially has a major security flaw and it's called: INTERNET

I don't like all the crap like javascript and adobe flash bullshit... way to

I will contemplate later if I will downgrade my system to a more simple
webbrowser he doesn't support all the junk and could hopefully be more

Instructions how to remove it:

I will now try this...

And yes a service sshnas is indeed installed... I disabled it in services.

The file also shows up as:



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Skybuck Flying
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Ok, the tool on that website helped.

Explorer.exe hang a bit though.

Rebooting seemed to freeze windows a bit.

After reset button pressed windows started up..

Everything seems to be fine.

The dll in the wow folder wasn't deleted though...

But this time I could delete it manually previously it would not let me do
that... so that's what the OTM.exe tool solved.

The service is now also gone from the services...


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Skybuck Flying
Posts: n/a
This/Today was a close call ladies and gentlemen !

I feel lucky I was hit by this friendly trojan instead of a nasty disk
formatter/windows up****er...

Things could have gotten real nasty... but thankfully not.
(Hmm I just got a weird warning message from outlook but since I was typing
I missed it and press enter ?)

Hmm it seems to be:
"A time-out occurred while communicating with the server. Account: 'Windows
Live Mail', Server: '', Protocol: POP3, Port: 995, Secure(SSL):
Yes, Error Number: 0x800CCC19"

Maybe that will go away later...

Anyway... I just updated my windows operating system and internet explorer

The last update was indeed 21 march 2010... which isn't really that long
ago... but I guess I should have updated a bit sooner.

April 2010 seems to be the worst security related month for Windows...
possibly ever !

7 security vunerablities which are comprised of actually multiple !

And 1 major security updated/vunerability for IE8, multiple as well 10 !

I estimed it to be at least 30 security vunerabilities in just april 2010 !

All looked pretty serious to me too !

Well now I feel a whole lot safer again !

And there was indeed a security vunerability mentioned with mpeg3 audio...
which might explain my earlier observation some time ago... with a crashing


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Tom Orle
Posts: n/a
"Skybuck Flying" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote:

>The dll in the wow folder wasn't deleted though...
>But this time I could delete it manually previously it would not let me do
>that... so that's what the OTM.exe tool solved.


FWIW - Unlocker is a popular freeware tool to unlock stubborn files &
folder for deletion.

I've used it for years and your comment reminded me of it and got me
to upgrade to the latest version, thanks


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