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Re: Ubuntu is About to Drop Another Turd! Ubuntu 10.04

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"DFS" <> schreef in bericht
news:hrc68b$d8i$(E-Mail Removed)
> On 4/29/2010 10:41 AM, Moshe wrote:
>> Get ready people.
>> Ubuntu 10.4 is about to plop out of Canonical's rectum.
>> Of course since it's LTS it will be perfect.

> Lame Tragic Slopware

> heh!
> Don't tell the Ubuntu sheeple... which are 1/2 of all Linux users. What a
> joke.
>> Can't wait to watch the Ubuntu forums overload with bug reports.
>> I'm getting my popcorn and beer ready as we speak.

> The last version of that slopware elicited such testimonials as:
> "a seriously craptastic release"
> "a horrible experience"
> "rancid"
> "a very bitter experience"
> "the worst disappointment I have had in the last 4 years"
> "no end of problems"
> "major headache"
> "a huge disappointment"
> "I'm fed up"
> "I finally gave up"

lol ! and so true!!
I installed the slopware in a VM, (VMware): "a horrible experience"
- no sounddevice recognition
("a very bitter experience")
- no Canon i320 printer
("major headache")
- no automatic VMware tools, like windows
("a huge disappointment")
- Firefox started and freezes and within 10 seconds, freeze_o_matic Ubuntu
freezes completely!
("I'm fed up")
I repeated this 3 times, same result!

So "I finally gave up" and deleted this "seriously craptastic release" from

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