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Way to sort / enforce order for Map.entrySet?

Mike Schilling
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Mike Schilling wrote:
> Lew wrote:
>> Mike Schilling wrote:
>>> Lew wrote:
>>>> Mike Schilling wrote:
>>>>> Lew wrote:
>>>>>> Feed a
>>>>>> man a meal and you feed him for an hour; send him to the diner
>>>>>> and you feed him for a lifetime.
>>>>> Build a man a fire, and he's warm for a night, set him on fire,
>>>>> and he's warm his whole life.
>>>>>>> I do use a TreeMap --
>>>>>>> "final Map<String, String> map = new
>>>>>>> TreeMap<String, String>();",
>>>>>>> but the order is not getting preserved when I call
>>>>>>> "map.entrySet".
>>>>>> And you didn't even provide an SSCCE! What is wrong with you?
>>>>> Since he wanted to sort by value, not key, he's correct -- the
>>>>> entry set won't be sorted the way he wanted.
>>>> Unless, of course, he uses a custom Comparator that does sort the
>>>> way he wants.
>>> Not Map.entrySet(); that always sorts by the map's keys. (You can
>>> *copy* the result of entrySet() and sort that copy however you like,
>>> of course.)

>> And that would be exactly the advice that several people gave him.

> My point is that it doesn't require an SSCCE to demonstrate the the
> entrySet() of a TreeMap isn't sorted by the values.

Particularly since (it belatedly occurs to me), there's no requirement that
the values be comparable to each other.

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