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Re: Posting to a newsgroup without archive

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micky wrote:

> I say


> on a couple of newsgroups that some post


> can be deleted automatically
> after so many days.

Yep, at the server. You get no control over the expiration of your post.

> I was wondering how is this done and what do you write
> in the body of the text.

You are posting using Outlook Express. That client has no means of adding
the X-No-Archive header. I recall a kludge where you could use another
field and hit Ctrl-Enter to start a new header line to fake out the addition
of another header but you had to enter it manually. Alternatively, if your
client doesn't support an option to add this header, you can add it as the
first line in your post followed by a blank delimiter line (sometimes
optional, sometimes not depending on the parsing by the server) before the
body of your post.

If your post isn't important enough to archive, it isn't important enough to
post in the first place.

<rant title="To Lambaste a User of the X-No-Archive Header">

X-No-Archive: yes

- It reduces the number of users that will see your post. This is Usenet
which doesn't command the immediacy of a prattling venue, like some chat
room where you won't see responses when you exit a session. Potential
respondents won't see your post after 6 days, or however long is the
no-archive expiration which could be shorter.

- It reduces the value of the thread to other users because the thread gets
punched full of "holes" from posters that use this header. Responses that
are archived may only have a partial quoting of a prior no-archived post
plus all headers are lost from the original post. This header corrupts the
flow of the discussion. The discussion becomes incomplete due to all the
greedy bastards that don't want to share what they've said.

- What boob self-censors their own posts by asking that they vaporize before
a week has elapsed?

- Spammers, trolls, flamers, cowards, liars, nymshifters, and malcontents
use this header to hide their history (which answers the previous question
as to who uses this header). They don't want anyone to know just how long
and how often they've been around. Is this the group of users to whom you
wish to affiliate yourself?

- Because of the user types that use this no-archive header (boobs, newbies,
greedy posters not willing to share the discussion, spammers, trolls,
cowards), some users will filter out your post. They may either delete any
no-archive posts (as YOU requested) or weight them as spam or "bad" posts
which can reduce the number of potential respondents to your post. One of
those respondents might have had the answer you were looking for but you
chose to hide your post before they visited the group. They don't see your
post so they don't respond. Maybe they would have been the only one willing
to respond. Maybe they would have been the only one with the expertise to
help you. You don't know. To you, it looks like no one bothered to answer
your post when, in fact, you chose to hide it from them or affiliate
yourself with a type of poster that the respondent filters out.

- You inflame other users by trying to steal away the help that you
received. You want to get help but are unwilling to share it with others
that may later encounter the same or similar problem. They cannot find your
prior post. If respondents were similarly inclined and also used the
X-No-Archive header then the entire thread disappears. If you don't want
anyone to see your post or do not want to keep the thread intact then don't
post. Usenet is for SHARING.

- The use of this header is anti-social and outright rude. It is employed
by cowards.

- You don't consider your post important enough to have it archived.
Likewise, why would anyone participate or help you on a post that you have
deemed valueless?

- While you might consider your post to be valueless or you are just being
greedy in trying not to share with anyone else at a later time, the archived
threads are used to discover existing solutions or just to see if the topic
has been previously discussed. If you don't want your posts to echo through
eternity, speak into a well insulated empty soup can so no one else can hear
you. If you want to keep it to yourself, do it upfront by not posting.

- Only boobs or newbies believe that this header will prevent their post
from getting archived. There are many forums that use a gateway to Usenet
so your post will get archived there (and may remain archived for years).
It isn't just Google Groups where your post will get archived. Also, the
retention interval of NNTP hosts (of which the vast majority will not honor
the X-No-Archive header) will far outstrip the 6-day no-archive expiration
at Google Groups. The use of this header makes you look stupid. Your post
gets peered to a worldwide mesh network of NNTP servers and gatewayed
forums. Despite your attempt to self-sensor and hide your posts, they are
still out there.

- "regular newsgroup participants were concerned about privacy rights"
( Privacy is your
responsibility. Don't use your true e-mail address in your posts if you
don't want it abused. Munge it, require a passcode in the Subject to bypass
an auto-delete filter (as proof that a human used it) that you mention in
your signature (because spambots can't read instructions), or use a bogus
one (but one in which the domain is not registered, or use .invalid as the
top-level domain, as in Removed)lid). Google carried on a tradition
that Deja News employed at the behest of some frightened users in an
environment that is not the same today; however, not all traditions are
sensible when they were established or remain applicable over time,
especially when based on a trust model.

- You request your post be deleted from any archive that honors the
X-No-Archive header. Anyone that honors your request chooses their own
expiration interval, not you. You don't get to specify WHEN the no-archive
request is honored. For the vast number of NNTP servers, this header is NOT
honored (i.e., it is ignored). For Google Groups, deletion is after 6 days.
For me, the deletion is immediate upon recognition or immediately after
responding, whichever is later. Hey, you are the one that requested your
post be automatically deleted, you are the one that considers your post of
no value beyond someone else's configured expiration interval, you are the
one that doesn't want anyone to see your prior posts, and you are the one
that wants to screw up the continuity of past threads in which you
momentarily participated. I will grant your wish to hide: in my client,
your post will not be archived at all by me (it gets immediately deleted)
and it's just like it never existed. Poof, gone, you were never here. Mine
is not a unique stance regarding the misuse of this header. Filtering out
posters using this header is but one means of eliminating the noise, and
that means you have a reduced audience for your post.

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