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GSkill ECO 1600 MHz Memory

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Bjorn 3D review some GSkill ECO 1600 MHz Memory, running at 7-8-7-20 2T timings, and only 1.35V:

JEDEC standards state that DDR3 memory has to be able to run at 1066MHz, 9-9-9-24 2T timings with only 1.55 volts. When DDR3 was first introduced a couple of years ago, it was suppoosed to use less volts then its predecessor, DDR2. DDR2 memory needed on average 1.85-2.0 volts and above to properly operate at its optimum frequency. DDR3 memory came in starting at 1.55volts, but because of the limitation of the socket 775 CPU's (needing to use an MCP) the only true way of getting any serious performance out of DDR3 memory, people and companies alike were cranking the volts of their DDR3 memory modules past the 2.0 voltage mark, which kinda defeated the whole purpose of upgrading from DDR2 to DDR3. The required amount of voltage and the minor performance gain did not justify the added cost of this newer memory standard.
Read the review here.
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