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What a racket. Ok so they're just getting started.
You've seen their ads on tv right? When you get to the site you're greeted
with a dozen or so items up for auction. It isn't as simple as just
registering and bidding. You have to buy a package that gives you bidding
privileges. Each time you bid, you lose a point.

So these guys are making their money off of the sucker paying a hefty price
tag for a bidding package. Ahh, but the fun is, you can bid on other
bidding packages and lower your over all cost.

The other part of the racket is, you see a timer on the item as to when the
auction "ends". No it does not. What happens is, it begins an unknown
number of countdown timers. So they could literally keep the auction going
until they have the value of the item.

caveat emptor.
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