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NLA causing problems with standby / resume

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On XP laptops with wireless connections, if the laptop is put into standby,
on resume the wireless connection takes a few seconds to reestablish - which
is to be expected.

However, immediately on resume, all apps which had windows open on LAN
shares fire-off a volley of error-messages, and some then close or jump to a
default local folder. Once the wifi connection is back you then have to
recover all these windows to the right locations.

I had assumed this was a fact of life until I noticed to my surprise that a
W2000 laptop DIDN'T suffer from this problem, and resumed from standby
without any grief. That got me wondering.... What is different about XP (or
Vista/7) ?

Lowdown is that this behavior seems to be caused by the Network Location
Awareness service. Disable it, and the computer resumes from standby normally.

Are there any likely disadvantages to disabling this service?

Or is there a fix for what seems like a bug or oversight in its coding, in
that it breaks standby/resume for wireless-equipped computers?

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