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Re: 200 Motels on DVD

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On Apr 11, 3:00*am, weary flake <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote:
> yoker <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote:
> > OK all you Zappa / 200 Motels fans. One bizarre film, but simply
> > amazing, and after seeing it only 3 times, one of them being in a
> > theater, I still love it. I had the urge to look up if there were any
> > 200 Motels VHS copies on ebay.
> > Surprise! It is a 2010 DVD release, and depending on the source, it
> > will be released on April 20, or it already has been released,
> > according
> > *I am wondering how well the transfer to DVD is and how well of a
> > restoration has been done. If the DVD is anything like the Grateful
> > Dead Movie or the Led Zeppelin DVD, this is a winner, a must buy or
> > rent.

> According to some of the reviews, the 200 motels dvd is cropped,
> and far worse, is in "stretch" vision, which is completely
> unacceptable. *The dvd I have is an illegal dvd-r I bought from
> a store, which must of been created by dubbing from the old VHS
> edition. *It is the full picture and undistorted, and looks like
> the VHS which I had rented. *Anyway, any one who sees this new DVD,
> be sure to post some info about the picture. *Is it stretched? *If
> so, it should be considered a defective product, like the criminally
> defective "Mr Bongo" cropped and stretched Saragossa Manuscript DVD
> (Image Entertainment's old version of that DVD is 2.35 ratio and is
> good; "Mr Bongo" is cropped to something like 2.00 and squished to
> about 1.66; "Mr Bongo" proudly states it now has worldwide rights
> to the movie; REPEAT: anyone involved with the movie at all should
> sue or prosecute Mr Bongo for fraud and/or breach of contract; Mr
> Bongo falsely claims that Jerry Garcia liked the movie, but he
> would not have liked it if it was in stretch-vision and no one else
> would who has eyes.) *So tell us if the new DVD of 200 motels is in
> stretch-vision.

From what you'e posted, it looks like I will pass on buying this DVD.
I will probably rent it.
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