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Re: insert multiple records using

Michael Ramey
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Well you are only going to be able to insert one record at a time. Create
some nested loops to handle situations where both might be all.

if b = "all" and c="all" then

for each val in b
for each val in c
'insert code

elseif b="all"

for each val in b
'insert code

elseif c="all"

for each val in c
'insert code

end if


"Sileesh" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in message
news:(E-Mail Removed)...
> Hi
> Can any one help me out or give me some code of how to proceed.
> The scenario is
> I have 3 Dropdown List boxes. Let's say A, B and C. I am populating B

based on the selection In A. And C is populated based on selection In B.
> Based On Dorpdown List "C", I am getting records from the Database and

displayig in an HTMl Table.
> Now I have To Add an option "All" to The Dropdown Lists B and C. That

Means If "All" is selected in "B", then i have To insert a record in
database for each item in "C" to all items in "B".
> for ex: if i have 2 items in A, 3 items(exclu "All") in B and n Items(Excl

All) ( for each item in B) in C . Now If i select All In B then i have
insert "(n*1st Item)+(n*2nd Item)+(n*3rd Item)" records in Database at one
shot. I am using SQL server 2000
> How do i do this.
> Thx in advance

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