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Help needed with insert stored procedure

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Hi All,

i am having problems trying to run an stored procedure. i have two tables, and the one contains the foreign key of the other and i created an insert statement to inser the data in both tables. Can anyone please help me in solving this problem.

Any help much appreciated. Thanks.

here is the stored procedure code:
ALTER PROCEDURE [dbo].[contractRoomDetails]

@Duration varchar(10),
@NoOfHours int,
@RoomNo nchar(6),
@Classroom varchar(3),
@Hall varchar(3),
@Date varchar(50),
@StartTime varchar(50),
@FinishTime varchar(50)

Set NoCount on
DECLARE @ContractID varchar(6)

INSERT INTO Contract (Duration, NoOfHours) VALUES (@Duration, @NoOfHours)

Select @ContractID=@@Identity

INSERT INTO RoomBooking (RoomNo, Classroom, Hall, Date, StartTime, FinishTime, ContractID) VALUES (@RoomNo, @Classroom, @Hall, @Date, @StartTime, @FinishTime, @ContractID)

and to test it i tried to put in these values:
exec contractRoomDetails 'cn14', '4months', '13', 'rm3', 'yes', 'no', '13/09/09', '2pm', '3pm'

BUT the error message i keep getting is :

Msg 8144, Level 16, State 2, Procedure contractRoomDetails, Line 0
Procedure or function contractRoomDetails has too many arguments specified.
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