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Q: How to get Unique ID's for a control, to save its vars in Session/DB?

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HUGE question that has blocked me for a while now:

I have a usercontrol called Module_PhoneList that is injected in a Panel ,
which can show up in different Pages. (Basically a portal).

The question is as follows:
How can I create a unique Session key/word to distinguish between

PhoneList in Panel 3 on Page 1, and
PhoneList control in Panel 2 on page 2?

In both cases, if the code was created dynamically,
the ID's will be the same for all instances (too inclusive), whereas
the UniqueID will change depending on where it was placed on the page(too
restrictive -- because if I give the user a means to MOVE the control from
position 3 on the panel 1, to the position 1 of panel 2, the UniqueID will
no longer be the same, right?)

Anyway -- probably a dumb question, but frankly, really important to me
Havn't figured out a way to save the vars for each 'Module' in first
Session, and then back to a Database on Session_End.....

Any and all suggestions for doing this kind of var-saving elegantly, would
be greatly appreciated!


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