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HTML could use some Diagram Support for software enginering/the future ?

Dr J R Stockton
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In alt.comp.lang.borland-delphi message <holj6p$uhg$(E-Mail Removed)->, Sat, 27 Mar 2010 14:36:50, C A Upsdell
<(E-Mail Removed)> posted:
>On 2010-03-27 2:06, Skybuck Flying wrote:

>> I think... I find HTML lacking for "software enginering" purposes.

Mere ignorance on his part - and on the part of respondents who have not
noticed that.

>> It would/could be great if future versions of HTML get some kind of Diagram
>> Support, for drawing all kinds of diagrams, like boxes, tables, tables in
>> tables, boxes in boxes, arrows, lines, arcs, colors, etc, maybe even pseudo
>> code diagrams
>> Maybe then we "software engineers/programmers" could work more jointly
>> together via the web more easily and better !
>> (Or express our idea's/algorithms/data structures better )

>A problem with this is that the diagrams you are speaking of tend to
>need to be edited, often using specialized programs, especially during
>the software design process: conventional web page editors are not up
>to the task. What you want would probably only be viable if the tools
>used to create the diagrams had options to export the diagrams to a
>suitable for web pages.

Draft standard HTML 5, and current versions of Firefox, Opera, Safari,
and Chrome have the <canvas> element.

One can draw diagrams on it with JavaScript code (in a PostScript-like
manner), one can get the result as a PNG string, one can load the PNG in
an IMG, and (manually) "Save As" that to disc.

Publish the code, and others can modify the figure; publish the saved
figure, and they can just admire it.

For a demo, see <$lag-pts.htm>; set
"Together" and some checkboxes, and press "Run".

Then see <>. For actual use,
take (but do not republish) a copy of the page and its include file.
Full usage direct from Web should not be permanently supported.

However, what browsers really need is

<script type="Text/pascal"> and <script type="Text/delphi">.

(c) John Stockton, nr London, UK. ? Turnpike v6.05 IE 7.
Web <URL:> - FAQish topics, acronyms, & links.
MiniTrue is good for viewing/searching/altering files, at a DOS / CMD prompt;
free, DOS/Win/UNIX, new via <URL:>.
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