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Dlatch with mem. plz help for module and testbench

dvdeepak dvdeepak is offline
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can any one help me for D-latch's module and this figure,file attatched rd/wrd and clk are inputs and data is an inout. if rd/wrb is low then flip-flop is in write mode ;data are an input line;data on data line are written into latch when clk is positive. when rd/wrb is high , flip-flop is in read mode, data stored in latch are made available on data line.[IMG]C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Desktop\faltu\dlatch with memory.PNG[/IMG] .

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dvdeepak dvdeepak is offline
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Join Date: Mar 2010
Posts: 2
can anyone plz tell me whts wrong with the 2 methods tht i tried and are not working for the above figure.

1st method
module Dlatchwithmemnew2(q, data, rw,clk); ///////// its not working , data and q are giving X as ouput
output q;
inout data;
input rw,clk;
wire en,qb;
reg d;
reg data_out;
wire data_in=data; /// i tried to put the data input into data_in
Dlatch g1(q,qb,d,en); //// its a D latch with output q and qb

assign data=(rw==1)?data_out:data_in; /// to use the inout data
assign en=(rw==0)?clk:1'b1; //// if rw=1 then clk will always be 1 so tht when q wil b given as input to D-latch again and will b written into it

always @( clk, rw , data, q, data_in) begin
if (rw==1)
data_out=q; /// output of d-latch is given into data_out
d=q; /// q will be given as input to d-latch again
d=data_in; /// data_in will be given as input to d-latch


2nd method tht i tried is .. data is not giving proper output even by using some temp_data as reg and then substituting its value into inout data
module main(data, rw,ck);
inout data;
input rw,ck; ///////////if we run the synthesis of main then there is error in tri0 and tri1
wire wren,q,qb;//////////////but its test runs absolutely fine only by making the "data" as reg in test
tri0 en;//////////////////// not as a wire
tri1 d;/////////////////////whereas it should be wire coz of being an INOUT
Dlatch g1(q,qb,d,en);
bufif1 (data,q,rw);


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