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Transactional cache with web application (JBoss Cache?)

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Hi everyone,

I'd like to use a transactional cache on a data source which is not a
database. I'll probably have to write some sort of adapter to retrieve

In a web application, I'd like to use the transaction capability of the
caching system. When a page is requested, I'd like for all beans to be
retrieved as part of a single transaction since I cannot control the
order in which beans are accessed by the web framework (e.g. JSF). I
_do_ want the transactional quality, though -- accessing a list of
available items twice within a single page request must return the same

I was thinking about using JBoss Cache. However, how do I integrate that
with Tomcat? As I said, a single request is supposed to be processed as
one transaction. When reading documentation Hibernate gets mentioned a
lot, but I don't want to use a relational database.

Maybe what I'm looking for is just a Tomcat / JBoss Cache configuration
issue. But I have no idea where to start. I'd be grateful for some
pointers or even a code example.

Thanks in advance!
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