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! Now We [USA] Need *LEGAL* Reforms!

Bucky Breeder
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Bursting into the lawyer's office, the butcher loudly implored, "If a
dog steals a piece of meat from my shop, is the dog's owner liable?"

"But, of course!" the lawyer responded!

"Well... yesterday *YOUR* dog ran into my shop, took a roast worth
fifty dollars off my rack, and then ran straight into your yard and through
your dog-flap in your front door!" explained the distraught butcher-shop

"You can prove this?" inquired the lawyer.

"That's right! It's all on surveillance video!" emphasized the

"All right then," said the lawyer without so much as blinking, "just
give me the other fifty dollars, and that will cover my initial
consultation fee..."

WTF? Are we human or are we just dancing?

At those rates, that SOB *should* be covering his employees' health
care insurance! Could someone please pass the tea? TIA.


I AM Bucky Breeder, (*(^; ; and *NO*,
that is NOT a Jedi light-sabre in my pocket;
and nope, I'm NOT particularly "happy" to see you.

Repent! The end is near....
So, smoke 'em if you got 'em.
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