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Win XP power management.

ian field
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"VanguardLH" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in message
news:ho5qgt$dk8$(E-Mail Removed)...
> ian field wrote:
>> VanguardLH wrote ...
>>> ian field wrote:
>>>> Does hibernate do a complete shutdown?
>>> As regards power,hibernation consumes the same amount of power as when
>>> you
>>> power down your host. For ATX-style hosts (for over a decade), the
>>> power
>>> switch is not connected to the PSU (power supply unit). It instead goes
>>> to
>>> the motherboard to trigger the power-on circuitry there. When powered
>>> down,
>>> the PSU (if still plugged into the wall or an external backside power
>>> switch
>>> on the PSU is not off) will continue to supply 5V standby power to the
>>> motherboard for the ps-on circuitry. So whether in hibernation or off
>>> modes, the PSU is still providing some power to the motherboard.

>> Yes I knew that - I used to service ATX PSUs for a living

> Which you made no mention in your overly terse post. If we were to assume
> everything of which you possibly already knew then we would also assume
> you
> already knew the answer to your question. Know one else knows the context
> of your question unless you give it.
> Odd that one who supposed worked on ATX PSUs would know about the various
> power modes afforded by the OS, especially considering that you would have
> had to understand what pin 20 (PS-ON) was used for and why the 5V standby
> line was still active during "powered off" state.
>>> Hibernation is just like powering off your host (after saving the
>>> contents
>>> of RAM).

>> Thats close enough - it shuts down.

> Except that users will see "shutdown" as what happens to the OS state, not
> the power state. You can shutdown the OS without powering off the host.
> Respondents here had to guess that you really meant the power state of the
> host.
>> Saving everything wasn't my prime concern, I just wanted the lowest
>> possible
>> power consumption if an overnight download job completed before morning.

> Then why wait until the host goes into hibernation based on an idle timer
> in
> Power Options? Why not have the host shutdown and power down immediately?
> Since you don't care about hibernation (to resume to host in the same
> state
> but instead reboot the host and load the OS anew), just use a batch file
> to
> run your program and then shutdown Windows and power off the host. In the
> batch file, run the command:
> shutdown.exe /c
> Or were our assumption still not sufficient to know that you already knew
> this too? You would've have served yourself better by asking your real
> question rather than use subterfuge.

All I wanted to know, was which power management option switched off the
PSU - I didn't expect anyone to make a federal case of it!!!

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"ian field" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in
newsmcpn.3932$(E-Mail Removed)2:

> "chuckcar" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in message
> news:Xns9D41AAD85D181chuck@
>> "ian field" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in
>> news:0Y9pn.51931$(E-Mail Removed)2:
>>> Does hibernate do a complete shutdown?

>> No, it stores RAM to the hard drive and turns the computer off. When
>> the computer is turned on again, the resulting hard drive file is
>> read into memory again and the computer is simply turned on in that
>> state. This results in it being *exactly* like it was when it was put
>> into hibernate. The only differences between this and standby is a)
>> the computer isn't running and using power the whole time and b) Your
>> memory contents is guaranteed *identical* to the start.

> So the PSU switches off?


(setq (chuck nil) car(chuck) )
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Beauregard T. Shagnasty
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Evan Platt wrote:

> "nobody >" wrote:
>> Don't know much about ATX power supplies, do you....
>> As usual Chuckie blows it again.

> Chucktard doesn't know much about anything.
> And notice, he's given up on trying to backpedal recently? He just
> knows he can't anymore.

I've noticed. I think he got so tired of responding to every outting
that he is just KFing everyone who catches him.

I don't care if he killfiles me .. at least the OPs would see it.

-Four wheels carry the body; two wheels move the soul
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Bosco Bosco is offline
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Hi there,

You might want to try a program like wasteshield. Just disable windows power management and set your bandwidth limit in the program. They do a 15 day trial which might help.

Hope this helps.
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