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I want to populate an HTML table java spring

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I am using java springs and jstl.I want to populate an HTML table.
I am using the following code.It works fine but we have to create object
each time for each row.please help How I can populate the table dynamically.

         List<Company> companyList;
        JdbcTemplate tpl = new JdbcTemplate(ds());
        srs = tpl.queryForRowSet("select CompanyName,CompanyAddress from company");
           rowCount = 0;
           Company c = new Company();
           while ( {
        companyList = new LinkedList<Company>();

HTML Code:
<TABLE class="commonfieldtable" colspan="3%" align="center" width="500" bgcolor="Brown">
            <TR><TH class="commonfieldtable">CompanyName</TH><TH class="commonfieldtable">CompanyAddress</TH></TR>
            <c:forEach  var="c2" items="${tabvalue}">
            <TR bgcolor="orange"><TD class = "commonfieldtabledata">
                          <c:out value='${c2.company_Name}'/>
                <TD class = "commonfieldtabledata">
                          <c:out value='${c2.company_Address}'/>
        </c:forEach >
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