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IP SLA issue
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Just would like to know the IP SLA value for my network.

We set up a MPLS network with 10 locations, among them, 5 sites have
resilient links. We do not want false link flapping, our consultant
sets up the object tracker with "delay down 25" for notification

We want to know how this "25" is worked out ? why is "25" ? any
estimated value will be better ?

THX a lot
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Originally Posted by (E-Mail Removed)

We want to know how this "25" is worked out ? why is "25" ? any
estimated value will be better ?
The delay down and delay up is how long to wait before communicating the change. In your case, once the tracked object goes down, it will be 25 seconds before that information in sent.

As for what's the best value, trial and error. Obviously, a very short delay would be nice, but sometimes an object may appear down when it really isn't.
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