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soap message

Tony Johansson
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Below I have a simple console program that is using the SoapFormatter to
serialize an object ShoppingCartItem into file.

Assume that we serialize this object by using SoapFormatter and sent it away
so it can be deserialized in another application on another computer. I mean
when we deserialize we do this
item = (ShoppingCartItem)sf.Deserialize(fs);
knowing that the object is a ShoppingCartItem that is going to be

Now to my question when writing code on the receiving application that will
deserialize the object
how is it possible to write code that know in advance what type of object
that we have so a suitable cast can be done as we do here
item = (ShoppingCartItem)sf.Deserialize(fs);
Can somebody explain this ?

public static void Main(string[] args)
ShoppingCartItem item = new ShoppingCartItem(4370, 423.50M, 1);
FileStream fs = new FileStream("Test.sop", FileMode.Create);
SoapFormatter sf = new SoapFormatter();
sf.Serialize(fs, item);

fs = new FileStream("tonyTest.bin", FileMode.Open);
item = (ShoppingCartItem)sf.Deserialize(fs);


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