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Re: UTF-8 and wchar_t

Ersek, Laszlo
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In article <(E-Mail Removed)>, Michal Nazarewicz <(E-Mail Removed)> writes:

> Also, what happens when I say to wprintf() a string which contains wide
> character which has no representation in current locale (ie. some funky
> unicode character where locale is set to ISO-8859-1 encoding)?

wprintf() will return a negative value [and errno will be set to EILSEQ].

> Can I somehow instruct the standard library function to print, say,
> a question mark in such situations or do I have to handle such cases by
> myself?

On a second thought, you might be better off if you converted the output
with iconv() too, from WCHAR_T to the codeset used by the current
If iconv() encounters a character in the input buffer that is valid, but
for which an identical character does not exist in the target codeset,
iconv() performs an implementation-dependent conversion on this

(You would have to test this.)

You should be able to get the codeset used by the current locale by


(Sorry for being glibc/SUSv2-specific.)

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Mikko Rauhala
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On Tue, 02 Mar 2010 21:42:07 +0100, Michal Nazarewicz <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote:
> Thanks for all the links and information. I have been considering
> iconv() but didn't notice that it can do conversion to/from wchar_t as
> well and that was my biggest concern. I'll be sure to look more into
> it.

To clarify further, it's not necessarily able to do so. The GNU
implementation does support it, but more generally, available
iconv sources/targets are implementation-defined.

> however depending on glibc may hurt me a bit as my code won't
> quite work on, say, BSD then.

Indeed I'm not sure if WCHAR_T is available for iconv there.
You can probably use GNU libiconv (under LGPL) there too if you like,

(Yeah, getting Unixy, sorry about that; if one continues further,
probably better to move to comp.unix.programming)

Mikko Rauhala <(E-Mail Removed)> -
The Finnish Pirate Party -
World Transhumanist Association -
Singularity Institute -
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