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server timeouts

Tony Lindsay
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I have developed an application in ASP.NET/VB.Net using SQL Server as a
backend. It is a fundraisinng/membership management application similar to

The system is fast and reliable, except in one condition. When a user leaves
the application and does other work, then returns to load another contact,
instead of an immediate response the server can take up to 25 seconds to
server the data, against 1 second under fulltime or continuous use.

These are example statistics from Fiddler, this is response after a period
of inactivity

Request Count: 1
Bytes Sent: 17,096
Bytes Received: 58,918

ClientConnected: 11:49:50:5020
ClientDoneRequest: 11:49:50:5020
Gateway Determination: 0ms
DNS Lookup: 0ms
TCP/IP Connect: 78ms
ServerConnected: 11:49:50:5830
ServerGotRequest: 11:49:50:5830
ServerBeginResponse: 11:50:13:5920
ServerDoneResponse: 11:50:14:0460
ClientBeginResponse: 11:50:13:5920
ClientDoneResponse: 11:50:14:0460

Overall Elapsed: 00:00:23.5440000

and this is a fast or continuous use response:

Request Count: 1
Bytes Sent: 17,084
Bytes Received: 55,900

ClientConnected: 11:47:18:7410
ClientDoneRequest: 11:47:18:7410
Gateway Determination: 0ms
DNS Lookup: 0ms
TCP/IP Connect: 0ms
ServerConnected: 11:47:18:7410
ServerGotRequest: 11:47:18:7410
ServerBeginResponse: 11:47:19:3940
ServerDoneResponse: 11:47:19:6330
ClientBeginResponse: 11:47:19:3940
ClientDoneResponse: 11:47:19:6330

Overall Elapsed: 00:00:00.8920000

The difference is considerable and obviously I can't deply an app that
sleeps like this. Any ideas? I have adjusted all the server side timeout
settings I can find. The app runs in its own application pool.


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