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Yahoo Mail captchas

Scott in SoCal
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Last time on misc.consumers, Desk Rabbit <(E-Mail Removed)> said:

>On 26/02/2010 22:09, NotMe wrote:

>> And yes, getting to a web page IS very likely the least of their problems
>> but why do you feel it's necessary to justify making that task harder?

>I'll repeat what I said earlier, in the UK at least there is legislation
>that prevents exactly this type of discrimination and any good provider
>would offer a way round the issue for it's less abled customers. The
>fact that it inconveniences a minority is no justification to throw away
>a very good system that prevents spam etc.

Well, I suppose Yahoo's Crapchas are indeed very good at preventing
SPAM - in a "throw the baby out with the bathwater" kind of way. They
make it so difficult and annoying that regular people, not just
SPAMmers, cannot use it.

Now, if they really wanted to, they could make it JUST as effective
against automated SPAMbots, but still make it easier for HUMANS to
use. For some reason, the type of Crapchas Yahoo uses are a lot
tougher than some others I've seen.
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