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Seconds from DB to hh:mm:ss in GridView. How to?

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I have a db table with a column that stores duration in seconds. I need to
present this duration as hh:mm:ss in a gridview. I'm not quite sure where
the int to string conversion should take place. Should I attempt to do that
in a stored proc, business object, or another place?
An example would be very appreciated.


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Andrew Morton
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Mark Rae [MVP] wrote:
> Converting integral seconds into formatted times is simple enough:
> int intSeconds = 350;
> long lngTicksPerSecond = 10000000;
> DateTime dtmTest = new DateTime(intSeconds * lngTicksPerSecond);
> string strFormattedDate = dtmTest.ToString("HH:mm:ss");

Maybe TimeSpan.FromSeconds(n) would suit the OP better as they're
representing a duration rather than an absolute date?


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