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Re: Allowing Skype Install Corporate Network

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> Hi all

Hi Phil

prepare for a ride...

> What are the dangers associated with installing Skype software on a PC
> connected to a corporate domain?

Multiple and severe.

> Previously I have heard scare stories about servers being hijacked and used
> as supernodes.

No, it's not "hijacking" per se, but if you are not experienced and
skilled enough to handle this (and given you are asking these questions,
I gather you are not) PLEASE DON'T, for the sake of the company you plan
to do this for (or against?).

> Does opening up the company firewall to allow this communication pose a
> threat to the general corporate security?

That is always true, any open port is a threat.
Skype doesn't use predefined TCP/UDP ports for its traffic, you can't
"open ports for Skype". It's made to self-adapt and cross routers, NAT
devices and firewalls. In fact, you can't STOP it from crossing your
firewall: you need DPI (Deep Packet Inspection) to determine that that
specific traffic IS from Skype, it's on a different ISO/OSI level than
most firewalls work onto.
Again, your level of knowledge is consistently low so I won't recommend
you to adventure in such minefields.

> Any other gotchas?

Skype is NOT an application that should run though a corporate network.
It's a simple basic tool to allow private individuals to have basic
conversations through their PCs.

If you are after business grade communication, Skype is NOT suitable.

Please refer to to start your journey.

Bodincus - The Y2K Druid
Law 42 on computing:
Anything that could fail, will break at the worst possible mom%*= ?@@
# Access Violation - Core dumped
# Kernel Panic
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