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Client configures network-connection to static ip but does not assignan ip
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Hi there,
I don't know if I am right here but I'll ask anyway.

To get external access to the university's intranet my university
offers the cisco vpn-client.
I can login, a connection is established but I cannot access the
intranet. Looking through the connection settings I noticed, that
cisco configured the LAN connection's IPv4-settings to a static IP
without assigning an actual IP. Anyhow, an IP for two DNS servers is

For a while now I used this little workaround:
- Starting and connecting with the Cisco VPN client
- Opening the settings of the connection and reconfiguring it to
dynamic IPs
- Disconnecting the VPN connection
- Reconnecting
- IPs are assigned via DHCP
- Accessing the intranet.

For some reason this does not work anymore, when reconnecting cisco
assigns the above stated settings to my connection.

Does somebody know how to solve this problem and/or know where the
problem may be?

Thanks in advance
Marian Ritter

Windows 7 Professional with all updates (but no update in the last 2
months seemed to be related to this problem)
Cisco VPN Client V.
No additional network manager installed.
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