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Security error

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Hi there,

I installed my web site onto a newly installed version of Win Server 2008
and am now getting a "System.Security.Policy.PolicyException" trying to
access any page. The error is "Execution permission cannot be acquired" but
more specifically, it's related to the "'AjaxControlToolkit" I installed
into my ASP.NET "bin" folder. There are various messages that it can't be
loaded, that it "failed to grant permission to execute", etc. I've tried all
sorts of different things but of course (as usual) there's precious little
diagnostic information that actually tells me how to fix it. Can anyone
help. Thank you.

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Jani Järvinen [MVP]
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Hello John,

> I installed my web site onto a newly installed version of Win Server 2008
> and am now getting a "System.Security.Policy.PolicyException" trying to
> access any page.

Since you mention that the error is given when you try to "access any page",
do you mean that even static pages cause trouble on your server? Can you
access the root of your server successfully?

Or, if you simply create a new ASP.NET application and have a static .aspx
page on it, can you access that page? If not, then there probably is
something wrong with the ASP.NET installation on your server.

If you could first check which files/pages/applications you can access, and
then report your findings again here, we could better help you. There
shouldn't be anything special in the Ajax Control Toolkit, so we'd need more



Jani Järvinen
Vantaa, Finland
E-mail: Removed)

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